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Just another solar panel? Think again!

The ONLY Solar Panel With Adjustment Arm Included!

All For Same Price. This is What You Need For
Remote Solar Power. (solar energy)

Weather Tight Fully Adjustable! Monocrystalline Solar Panels! 12 Volt 8 Watts, 640 MA!


  • Three Times the Life of Amorphous Silicon and Twice the Output For Same Area
  • Has Built in Diode to Keep Battery From Discharging When There is No Sun.
  • All Plastic Parts Made Out of Industrial Grade (Like They Make Tent Pegs Out of).
  • Size 12.25"W X 8.50"H


If You Purchase One 25 Watt Panel (3 of ours in * "Parallel") And A Flying Object Hits it, You Would Be Out Total Power and Big Dollars. Directions Below

Our Company is Dedicated to Producing a Reliable Solar Panel Module (solar energy, energia solar), (solar battery charger). For Remote Solar Power. Our Experience Shows That polycrystalline is Much More Efficient Than Amorphous PV Panels, Such as Flexible Thin Film. So we would recommend our solar panels.

To Produce a reliable battery charger or PV panels and other photovoltaic systems, Monocrystalline technology is good for many more years over Amorphous. Maintains its solar charging characteristics.

The problem with Amorphous such as Flexible thin film solar panel and Flat panel PV Modules, it looses a percentage of its solar energy or "energia solar" producing characteristics almost instantaneously when placed in the sun for the first time, so if used as a solar battery charger it would lose is ability to maintain battery. 

Icpglobal and siemensolar as well as bpsolar also make very reliable PV Solar efficient panels and solar battery chargers and solar  maintainers, maybe where we have a little advantage is in our inexpensive solar tracker even though you have to adjust the tracker manually from time to time, it still will increase your over all solar energy or "solar energia".

10 or more solar panels and you can get a discount.

Comes With A 90 Day Warranty!


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